Regarding the customers information, G- SET keeps them strictly according to the rules of the data protection. The information, which the customer makes available to G-SET, will be treated strictly confidentially.  G SET does not transmit customers information on to third parties without previous written approval of the customer.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

Not only documents, reports and other juridical documents are to be treated with the highest confidentiality, but all documents you leave us to work with. These documents are protected by us with the highest care and technical possibilities. Also our translators are bound to our data protection and confidentiality rules. You can receive of course before placing an order a signed confidentiality explanation from us which regulates the secrecy of your documents.


Your documents are processed and stored in our translation agency only during the execution of the order. Your personal dates are used strictly according to the Data Protection Act; Another evaluation is not carried out. We have the strictest guidelines concerning secrecy of documents and data which were entrusted with us. Of course at any time you can receive information about your data which are stored with us. You also have the right to prevent the other use of them by us in future.




If you have questions or you would like to speak with a representative of G-SET about our services, write an e-mail to or call us under +49 4451 1249223







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